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What is an Android TV BOX?

Feb 16,2023 | Superbox Team

What is an Android TV BOX?

The popularity of Android TV box models is getting enormous among high-quality content lovers. Moreover, people who prefer their TV to have innovative capabilities and manage what kind of media they want to watch come among the significant buyer community of these Android boxes. There are many famous Android TV box selling brands that offer many special facilities attracting a more extensive consumer base. So if you are not familiar with the Android TV box, then here we are sharing essential information about the TV box, its features, and which brands are leading in the market. So let us begin. 

What exactly is an Android TV box? 

It refers to a type of streaming device that you can connect with your TV to enjoy streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others. Other names of Android TV boxes include streaming players, connected TV, or set up boxes. Although the device is termed a TV box, it doesn't have to look exactly like a box. In fact, it comes in a diversified range of shapes and sizes, showcasing different qualities. The one similar quality that all Android TV box models have is that they smoothly run over the Android TV operating system. 

When it comes to how they work? The answer is very simple: they use an HDMI port to connect to the TV. After changing a few settings and an internet connection, the Android TV box will begin to work on your TV screen. The homepage of different Android box devices will differ depending on the brand. 

Is it possible to watch standard TV on an Android TV box?

Accessibility to normal TV on a TV box will be based on the brand of your device. Some of the Android TV box brands offer an option of a TV channel tab on their home screen, allowing you to access a range of TV channels. Using such apps, you will be able to watch your usual TV programs. 

However, you might need to create an account to access these apps but be sure that these are free to watch. 

Make sure to contact the manufacturer of your device to learn how to find and use your TV app. Following the right instructions, you will be able to watch all your shows, news, and sports easily. However, if your Android TV box does not support an inbuilt TV app, then you can use the option of live channels apps. 

Here are steps on how to use your live TV function provided on your TV box:

  • Go to the source menu option, then select the home menu, and start navigating to find the source icon.
  • Now connect your antenna and choose the source of your preference.
  • Now scan the channels you want to watch.
  • Once you complete the process, you will be able to watch live TV. 
  • For more help, use the channel guide.


Top 5 features of TV box

1. Provision of inbuilt Chromecast support

With this feature, you will be able to cast from your desktop chrome browser or Android phone directly to your TV. 

2. Embedded Google assistant

All mid to high-end Android boxes come with a Google assistant feature. However, you might need to activate the Google Assistant using the provided remote control for your Android TV box.

3. Provided additional ports

The availability of additional ports depends on the brand and model of your Android TV box. You will find Ethernet ports, USB ports, and SD card slots to support your wired internet connection with high-end products. Using the USB port, you can link your keyboard, mouse, gaming controllers to the TV box. 

4. Bluetooth connectivity

Usually, all Android TV box models come with Bluetooth-enabled features. Using Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily connect your TV box to your smartphone, laptop, or any other device. 

5. Supports office applications

You can attach a mouse and the keyboard to your Android TV box and carry out your editing works on office-based applications like Microsoft Office Word and Excel documents. Further, you can save your documents immediately and share them within the network of your choice. Aside from the entertainment, you can also get the majority of your office work done via Android boxes.

Three fundamental things that you need to consider before buying a TV box

Output Resolution

Although most Android TV box brands offer affordable products, not each of them provides high-resolution output. In fact, cheaper models can usually provide output up to 720 pixels only. Hence, it is impossible to get higher resolutions with them to enjoy the quality media content. 

However, if you increase your budget a little, you will be able to find Android TV boxes that can offer up to 1080 pixels to 4K output resolution via HDMI. But make sure you have a compatible LCD TV that can support such high-resolution output. 

Aside from this, another thing that's important to consider while choosing the output resolution for your TV box is the kind of media content you'll be watching.  In case you have offline media file storage over the network, or a hard drive that is of high quality, then you won't face any difficulty in running the media on your Android TV box. But if you are planning to use streaming services, then having a fast internet connection is crucial as well to enjoy high-quality media.

Performance and  specifications

TV boxes are almost the same as  Android phones available in the market. Like Android phones, they also use Arm Cortex processors. Many popular Android boxes utilize an Octa-Core processor that comes with varying clock speeds. Further, this processor pairs with at least 2GB RAM or more. Basically, it is the standard configuration for Android boxes, helping them provide frictionless usability, giving a smooth user experience. In fact, the best Android TV boxes available in the market are the ones that use an Octa-Core processor and massive 128 GB internal storage along with increased RAM. With bigger RAM and a quality processor, an Android TV box is able to take on multiple operations and provides better media playback performance. 

Storage support

Ensure to check if the Android TV box can support external storage or not. Some of them come with inbuilt hard disk slots enabling you to install hard drives directly. On the other hand, some devices offer USB connections allowing external drives. The majority of Android TV box models tend to utilize Kodi for management and media player service. 


List of the Popular Android TV boxes to buy in 2022

Nvidia Shield TV Pro

It is one of the popular Android TV box models that has been available in the market for a while now. The device comprises Atmos and Dolby vision allowing users to enjoy the streaming services in 4K HDR. Further, you get Google assistant integration, helping you manage your TV system with your voice command. This particular model offers a 25% faster processing Unit in comparison to other similar models available. Model uses Navidia Tegra X1+ processor.

Superbox Android TV (S3 Pro)

Superbox offers a range of Android TV box models to satisfy different requirements of its varied user base. The brand is known to provide comparatively most stable Android boxes for non-stop home streaming. The new models, including Superbox S3 Pro, come with a built-in artificial intelligence framework, voice control box, and Bluetooth remote controller. New models showcase compact and flat rectangular shapes with an attractive design added with an LED display. The Superbox S3 Pro model has more features than any other upgrades available from the brand. It can work with 2T2R Wi-Fi technology making the streaming services 60% faster.  Also, you get access to over 10,0000 plus web content for free. 

Amazon Fire TV Cube

The TV box device comes with Amazon Echo smart speaker and smart TV stick that can impress you right away. The Fire TV cube model from Amazon is most suitable for users that already have an Amazon subscription.  Also, this model is one of the high-end products that Amazon sells. The provided voice assistant Alexa makes it easier for users to manage their online tasks. 

Xiaomi Mi TV Box S

The brand provides a robust Android TV box model named Xiaomi Mi TV Box S that Enables you to enjoy a variety of streaming applications, including Google Play, Netflix, and YouTube. With this model, you will get an output resolution of 4K HDR along with Google Assistant integration enabling you to navigate your Android TV box using your voice commands.


Turewell T9 Android 9.0 TV box

This Android TV box comprises Android 9.0 Pie helping it to perform more efficiently and give a fast streaming service. In addition to this, users also get to enjoy a smooth user interface and a variety of games. Also, it supports the Google Play Store service, further broadening your content choices. The model effectively supports video decoding and can give an output resolution of up to 4K HDR. 


Additionally, with its H.265 decoding, users can save up to 50% of streaming bandwidth, letting them play thousands of Android games with the highest screen resolution and quality without constant buffering. 


Looking at the advantages and features that an Android TV box provides, converting your ordinary LCD TV to an AI-driven and advanced content streaming system is the best thing you can do. Moreover, the majority of these TV box models come in an affordable price range.  

However, before buying any of the above Android TV box models, make sure to do thorough research regarding all the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the respective model.  Once done with your research, choose the TV box that fits your personal streaming requirements. 


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